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Professional Lithium Battery Tape Coating Machine
    • Professional Lithium Battery Tape Coating Machine
Product Details


- Coating production of blue tape, black tape, termination tape, expansion tape, numerical tape, PI tape and so on.

Technical parameters:

- Coating width: 600, 1100, 1450mm.

Key features:

- Double position unwinder and rewinder, with automatic splice and fly cutter for non-stop rolls interchan≥

- Various coating solutions including comma, microgravure, slot die, reverse gravure and so on;

- Open mode drying oven for simultaneous clean inside drying chamber and air liner;

- Inline log rolls rewind with bubble free joint;

- Multiple sectional tension control;

- Coating thickness, line speed, fan frequency, rewinding length set can be saved automatically;

- Operator and material management;

- Various heating source for option or hybrid: hot air, electric, steam, thermal oil and so on;

- Multiple safety solutions.

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