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PE Surface Protective Film Coating Machine
    • PE Surface Protective Film Coating Machine
Product Details


-  Designed for coating production of home appliances protective film, ACP protective film, steel board protective film, aluminum profile protective film, construction materials protective film, furniture and carpet protective film, marble protective film, window film and other surface protective applications.



Technical Parameters:

- Substrate width: 1,300mm, 1,600mm and 2,000mm 

- Max unwinding diameter: 1,000mm

- Max rewinding diameter: 400mm

- Coater available: Gravure coater or meyer coater

- Heating source: Electricity, steam, thermal oil or hot air

- Mechanical Speed: 10-150m/min

Key Features:

- Full automatic tension control in segmented tension zones, tension variation is less than ±3N in production

- Good adhesive evenness, dry adhesive thickness tolerance is less than ±1μ

- Bubble free length-select rewinder with fly-cutter

- High drying efficiency and low energy consumption

- Double position unwind and rewind with automatic splice and cutting off

- Integrated menu management with easy accessibility and operation

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