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PE Surface Protection Film Coating Machine
    • PE Surface Protection Film Coating Machine
Product Details


-    Designed for coating production of home appliances protective film, building materials protective film, furniture and carpet protective film.

Technical Parameters:

-    Substrate width: 1,300mm, 1,600mm and 2,000mm

-    Max unwinding diameter: 1,000mm

-    Max rewinding diameter: 400mm

-    Coater available: Gravure coater or meyer coater

-    Heating source: Electricity, steam, thermal oil or hot air

-    Mechanical Speed: 10-150m/min

Key Features:

-    Whole machine tension is divided into different tension zones with full automatic tension control. Adhesive coating thickness is even.

-    Bubble free length-set rewinder with automatic fly-cutter.

-    High drying efficiency and low energy consumption.

-    Double position unwind and rewind with automatic splice and cutting off.

-    Integrated menu management with easy accessibility and operation.

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