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Double Side Tape Coating Machine
    • Double Side Tape Coating Machine
Product Details


-    Professionally applied to coating and lamination production of single or double side PET tape, PI tape, foam tape, tissue tape, cloth tape, aluminum foil tape, duct tape, label stock and so on.

Technical Parameters:

-    Substrate width: 1,300mm and 1,600mm

-    Max unwinding diameter: 1,000mm

-    Max rewinding diameter: 600mm

-    Coater option: Comma coater, transfer coater, mayer coater and slot die coater

-    Heating type: Electricity, steam, thermal oil or hot air

-    Mechanical Speed: 30-300m/min

Key Features:

-    Whole machine tension is divided into different tension zones with full automatic tension control. Adhesive coating thickness is even.

-    Asymmetrical axle free rewinder, no material spoilage.

-    High drying efficiency and low energy consumption.

-    Low material spoilage.

-    Easy to learn and low labor intensity.

-    Integrated menu management with easy accessibility and operation.

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