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New Mica Tape Coating Machine Launched!

View: 89810/12/2021  


Today the world is progressing towards an age of automation and intelligence, more and more smart electric devices are serving our life, and the demands for electric insulation materials iare boosting. Under this promotion, Changzhou Coating Machine Co., Ltd. launched a new mica tape coating machine, which is applied to the production of new composite materials and electric insulation materials. This machine has the features of high speed and high performance, stability and reliability. Material tension in machine is under automatic control in various segmented tension zones; the coater gives an even and adjustable coating thickness; drying oven is designed for high drying efficiency and easy maintenance; mica sheet is automatically unwinded and laminated with a stable tension control.

With the pursuit of new technology and excellent quality, Changzhou Coating Machine Co.,Ltd is looking forward to new progress with the electric insulation industry.


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